Size: 15m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Perfect for the young at heart, this stylish yet intimate en-suite double room provides a cozy queen size bed and the bathroom fitted with a shower and single basin stocked with th

Size: 21-32m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

The Vineyard en-suite twin rooms are furnished with 2 soft three quarter beds in each room draped with snuggly linen. The complimentary tea/coffee station is well-equipped with a k

Size: 18m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

This snug standard room offers two single beds, Satellite television, all the basic fittings and amenities our Twin Rooms have to offer and a private en-suite toilet. The open show

Size: 53m2
Capacity: 1-6 persons

Fit for a family of 5, this en-suite loft family Room brings all together. Whilst lounging on the soft beds enjoying the satellite television when keeping each other company, help

Size: 21m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Nestled at the top on a second floor, this en-suite twin room has its own balcony, offering a breath-taking view overlooking the northern side of the Vineyard. It is equipped with

Capacity: 1-75 persons

Banqueting Style – 50 persons, Cocktail Style – 75 persons. Namibians and people visiting the Country are in love with cooking in the open. Asado allows a visible display of o

Capacity: 1-40 persons

Banqueting Style (Longtable) – 36 persons, Cocktail Style – 40 persons, Chapel Style – 40 persons, Boardroom style – 36 persons. This most popular venue at Droombos is eleg

Capacity: 1-200 persons

Banqueting Style – 150 persons, Cocktail Style – 200 persons, Chapel Style – 150 persons. Just imagine: Long tables set under the far-reaching branches of the camel thorn tre

Capacity: 1-150 persons

Our Camelthorn Trees - Acacia Giraffe Banqueting Style – 100 persons, Cocktail Style – 150 persons, Chapel Style – 100 persons. Camelthorn trees are not unique to Namibia b

Size: 79m2
Capacity: 1-200 persons

The Camelthorn Garden is astoundingly beautiful. Banqueting Style: 150 persons, Cocktail Style – 200 persons, Chapel Style - 200 persons. Our indigenous Eden features two magni