Capacity: 2-3 persons
Size: 50m2

The beautiful rammed earth walls, built with red Kalahari sand, is complimented by rosewood ceilings and floors, giving a cozy ambiance of luxury in the wilderness of Namibia, deep in Southern Africa. Each 50m² sui

Capacity: 2-3 persons
Size: 50m2

Embellished with the same magnificent fittings and finishing's as our Luxury Rooms, our Business Rooms, equipped with a suitable working desk, cater for the Business Traveler. The bathroom incorporates a single washba

Capacity: 1-580 persons
Size: 750m2

The Shed is an unpretentious stark element designed not to detract from the natural beauty of Droombos. This is beauty and the beast, where in the story the beast is uncovered as a true and giving spirit that is totall

Capacity: 1-250 persons

A charming old school but practical venue for most functions and conferences. This dramatic rammed earth structure can house groups of up to 200 people in a minimalistic or dramatic manner. The natural beauty of this v

Size: 79m2

The Droombos Garden is astoundingly beautiful. Our indigenous Eden features two magnificent 500+ year old camel thorn trees, with expansive lawns as far as the eye can see. Aside from our prized indigenous giants, D

Our Camelthorn Trees - Acacia Giraffe Camelthorn trees are not unique to Namibia but at the same time are very uniquely Namibian. This National tree of Namibia is a protected specie and visitors should take note tha


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