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We were blown away by the beauty of the rammed earth structures set against the natural backdrop of Camelthorn and a host of other trees. Although, in 2018, this was still an incomplete picture, our dream was to turn Droombos into a fairytale venue. We wanted to cater mainly for the locals where they could be entertained and enjoy a true Namibian meal. If some international traveler would like to experience our culture, food and hospitality, they will find it here where our locals mingle. This has been an on-going process with still much greater things to come.

Much that is Droombos is not visible to the untrained eye, or rather that the elements combine, to create an experience that is totally unique in the Namibian context.


Situated 3km outside Windhoek makes it very accessible to the locals for a quick sundowner after work or a lunch or dinner within our beautiful, lush gardens.

The elements that cause us to say “Experience Droombos”

The ideal get away or start of a trip in Namibia. It has beautiful gardens, unique accommodation, fine food & wine and a host of activities to offer. Step into our World of DREAMS, only 3 minutes outside Windhoek.

These are the elements that cause us to say “Experience Droombos”

Rammed Earth Walls

Have we not in Africa and in Spain walls of earth, known as “formocean” walls? From the fact that they are moulded, rather than built, by enclosing earth within a frame of boards, constructed on either side. These walls will last for centuries, are proof against rain, wind, and fire, and are superior in solidity to any cement. Even at this day Spain still holds watch-towers that were erected by Hannibal. – Pliny the Elder, “Natural History,” Book XXXV, Chapter xlviii.

“…the history of rammed-earth and the contemporary experience of the experimenters will hold a great value to the builder until the material enjoys the same commonplace security of the clay-fired brick, a building unit which no amateur questions but which is far more vulnerable to faulty manufacture and inexpert handling than rammed- earth could ever possibly be.” – Anthony F. Merrill, The Rammed-Earth House, p. xvi

Rammed earth, though an ancient method of construction dating back thousands of years, remains the most natural and non-toxic means of construction known to us today and Droombos presents the only large-scale development of this nature in Namibia.

Camelthorn Trees

Droombos showcase a number of Camelthorn trees, two of which are claimed to be more than 500 years old. These old ladies’ anchors and stand guard over the “Old Camelthorn” and “The Sheds Garden”. Camelthorn trees are as uniquely Namibian as the Namib desert and the Gemsbuck and are therefore protected species. Appreciating the beauty of the mighty Camelthorns at Droombos will make any visit worth your while.

Our People

Droombos employs people that represent a cross-section of our diverse population. The business was founded during one of the most economically depressed eras in our Countries history, only to be followed by the Covid pandemic forcing more people into hardship. This probably means that Droombos was one of the biggest creators of new employment opportunities in Windhoek during the last 2 years.

People visit Droombos for the experience and the experience is created and maintained by people. Without this people Droombos is nothing. The Droombos business is multifaceted and people are therefore drawn from various fields of expertise and at various levels of experience.

The workforce of around 75 people fill various positions that include; gardening, housekeeping, chefs and food preparation, waitering, events coordination, iron mongery, masonry, and plumbing. They are supported by managerial staff that take care of the finances of the business, facility management, marketing, health and safety, security and the overall operation of the Estate.   

droombos people

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